Office Re-opening

Updated Covid-19 protocols:

Your dental health is important, but your overall health is priority and our patient's safety is our top concern!
We have taken Covid-19 seriously, as we have done with any disease.  We have followed guidelines as they have been established by the CDC, MIOSHA, MDHHS, ADA, and MDA and we have been committed to making required changes as they come. 

We are still implementing the following:

  • The treatment rooms are still stocked with hand sanitizer for patient use before and after treatment.
  • Additional persons including parents are not allowed in the treatment rooms with the patient.
  • You DO NOT need to call when you arrive, nor wait in your car.
  • If you feel ill, we ask that you notify the office, so we can discuss your symptoms and determine if it's best to postpone your appointment.
  • Staff protocols continue as follows:
  • We still screen our staff and staff is asked to leave if they exhibit symptoms of illness.
  • Some staff may choose to continue to wear a face shield.
  • Staff who are in a clinical position are required to have arms covered with a long sleeve shirt or clinic coat and wear a mask.
  • Rigorous sterilization between patients.
  •  All surfaces are sanitized at the end of each day, this includes door handles, arms of chairs, counters, etc.

Dr. Kevin Murrell and Staff

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